Random Writings

Better days

The heart may want what it wants, but I am of a mind that the heart might also be a fickle bitch. Good thing I am not alone in that sentiment, right? It really does suck how you can have everything you need, how you can be in a place that is good, and yet… Continue reading Better days

Random Writings

Eternity – the lesson of learning

You know that cliche, "You never stop learning"? Well, I like to think, sometimes, that cliches exist for a reason: because they're eerily accurate, and usually true. One of the beautiful aspects of writing is the amount of detail that goes into every piece: detail that has been carefully and lovingly organized so that it flows… Continue reading Eternity – the lesson of learning

Random Writings

A Hard Line

Glinting, glowing, trembling—the edge of the blade rests above the neck of the kneeling man.  Gasping, inarticulate sobs splutter from the man’s plump lips; hands scrabble at the stone floor feebly, searching for some way out, perhaps, or merely an echo of the madness that had plagued them all for far too long. He is… Continue reading A Hard Line

Writing Babble

Freelancing – fun, but odd?

I was working yesterday on drafting up a few different articles, and it struck me as funny the sheer diversity of work with which I find myself involved. I feel as if I have written enough about certain topics that I could pass for a layman expert, and yet there is always something new for… Continue reading Freelancing – fun, but odd?

Book Reviews

Miriam Black – kicking ass and taking names

Ok, so I've been devouring this series over the last few weeks, and I figured it was time to say something about it. Chuck Wendig has authored a series of books (that starts with Blackbirds) that focus on the "life and times" of unrepentant drifter Miriam Black who has the uncanny (and unwanted) ability to see… Continue reading Miriam Black – kicking ass and taking names