The Elusive Balance

So on the one hand, I've got articles I'm asked to write for different businesses involving seriously disparate topics. On the other hand, I have a novel that is sitting on my hard drive gathering digital dust. I know this is not a new problem generally, but it is a new problem for me. The balance truly… Continue reading The Elusive Balance

Book Reviews

Behind the Times, but still relevant

I remember when the Harry Potter series first came out; I was in the third grade, almost eight years old (I was always the youngest in my class), and my teacher at the time used the first book during one of her "story time" sessions. I remember listening to her reading it and being wrapped up in… Continue reading Behind the Times, but still relevant

Dystopia Snippets

The Meeting Place

Rhatak waited until she could hear the smooth, even breathing that meant Rhani had managed to fall asleep before she silently stood and exited the room into the atrium. From there, she set out into the street—pausing at the entrance of their shared home to make sure none of the festival-goers were paying her too… Continue reading The Meeting Place

Random Writings

A New Opportunity? (I certainly hope so)

Without going into too much detail, I've found myself at an interesting, if somewhat frightening, point in my life. For the first time, I am not encumbered by stressful situations in work that is not personally fulfilling. Not that it was always bad; just...not what I really wanted. There's a big path in front of… Continue reading A New Opportunity? (I certainly hope so)

Dystopia Snippets

Thinking on the Future (for lack of a better title)

Rhani watched a group of youths pass by the entrance to her shared home. Three daughters of Korren, a daughter of Mayal, and a daughter of Rhala like Rhani herself. They laughed and leaned heavily on one another. From the sloshing mugs they held, it was clear what had caused their general state of blissful… Continue reading Thinking on the Future (for lack of a better title)