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Good Writing – wait, what does that look like?

I recently read an article by author Jeff Goins about "Good Writing Vs. Bad Writing" (I'll put a link to the article at the end of this post) and it really got me thinking. Am I a good writer? I feel like I am, and yet if I took the time to look back over… Continue reading Good Writing – wait, what does that look like?

Book Reviews

Oathbringer – Triumph, and Yet…

My husband introduced me to Brandon Sanderson's work; he started with¬†The Way of Kings.¬†Unfortunately, he introduced this landmark novel to me while I was working on my MA, so I was unable to give it the full attention that it certainly deserves. However, I knew enough to understand just how much I loved Roshar and… Continue reading Oathbringer – Triumph, and Yet…