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Good Writing – wait, what does that look like?

I recently read an article by author Jeff Goins about “Good Writing Vs. Bad Writing” (I’ll put a link to the article at the end of this post) and it really got me thinking.

Am I a good writer? I feel like I am, and yet if I took the time to look back over what I have accomplished recently with my writing, it’s rather pathetic. All I can think is that I have spent the last several years either writing for a purpose outside of the pure pleasure of the art, or not at all. What happened to my dozens of hastily scribbled notebooks full of ideas? What happened to the ideas?

The major takeaway I got from Goins’s article involves the idea of “persistence” in writing. It’s such a simple lesson! And yet it is one I apparently had forgotten for what feels like an eternity. I didn’t have a perfect reason before for why I started this, but Goins has hit the mark: I was becoming a bad writer.

No more! Persistence is back, baby, and I am eager to get this ink flowing.


Jeff Goins’s article:  https://goinswriter.com/the-difference-between-good-writers-and-bad-writers/


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