Sickness – no, but really

Ugh. That's about all my mind can really muster most hours of the day as this flu ravages my body. Monosyllabic and boring. It goes along nicely with the occasional, gasping breaths my lungs feel they need to suddenly take. Like a kind of higher-pitched syllable with just a bit of feeling thrown in. That feeling being: "Holy… Continue reading Sickness – no, but really

Random Writings

The Call

They called, and I went. It wasn't a question of if or why, but just do. I felt the call like a tickle against the nape of my neck, raising the hairs and sending a shiver down my spine. It came on in an instant and left just the same. But I knew what it… Continue reading The Call

Random Writings

Music – Dolores is missed

Music as inspiration is nothing new, and yet it never stops being so damn relevant. Yesterday, I sat down to grind out a couple of pages and had my Cranberries station playing quietly in the background. "Daffodil Lament" came on, and I felt myself drift into a mix of adoration and sorrow. I love The… Continue reading Music – Dolores is missed

Random Writings

Another Cold Day – winter in spring

Another 3 to 6 inches of beautiful snow, and yet I'm upset that I don't get to enjoy snow days anymore. Not that the snow is good crafting quality, mind you, but I'd still like the chance to feel that childlike wonder once more. One interesting thing about Colorado is the fact that our seasons… Continue reading Another Cold Day – winter in spring

Random Writings

Silly Life – hobbies are for humans!

Between obsessing over the new Monster Hunter World for the PS4 and the sixth Harry Potter novel, I find myself moving further away from the computer. I'm struggling to find my place right now, and having these distractions has always helped me cope. It's crazy, though, to feel as if you never have enough time… Continue reading Silly Life – hobbies are for humans!