Super Bowl LII…here we go again

Really, it’s barely worth the time to write about, but I figured I could have myself a little griping session.

Surprise, surprise, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl…again. Ugh. Ruin my Sunday afternoon, why don’t you? The only reason I watch Patriots’ games is to watch the other team win and (I can only hope) perhaps break Tom Brady’s collarbone or something.

Believe me, I have a LOT of family back in Massachusetts who worship the guy and the team, and I have no end of Facebook feeds touting the accomplishments of that garbage human being. (Then again, I suppose that title goes for a lot of football players, unfortunately.)

Ah well. I’ll just have to find another excuse to drink.

Also, I have to promote this article, because it had me rolling pretty much throughout the read. So if you are a fellow anti-Tom Brady fan, it’s worth the read:

Why We Love to Hate Tom Brady

For everyone else, I also suggest checking out the Puppy Bowl lineup (which is better news, anyway):

Puppy Bowl Lineup


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