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Shameless – but also a good thing

All right, time for me to shamelessly talk about my big pain-in-the-butt dogs.


On the Left: Baxter (AKA Baximus, Baxcillimus, Baxcinator, Bax, and Baxy)

On the Right: Dalinar (AKA Squiggles, Shithead, Butthead, Dumbass, Jackass…you get the idea)

My boys are “honeymoon” dogs; my husband and I took a week long road trip around Southern Colorado for our honeymoon (which started the day after we got married). For months before then, I kept casually bringing up getting a dog (I’ve always had dogs growing up, and I missed the companionship). But of course, my dear husband-to-be was always so logical and would always respond with: “Not until we get a house.”

Yeah. That worked real well.

Last two days of our honeymoon, we swing through Alamosa, CO, to visit some of his family and attend an art showing featuring his cousin at the local college. We had visited numerous shelters between Pagosa Springs, Ouray, and Monte Vista–but to no avail. My spirits were low and there was a stubbornly negative part of me that wanted to forego visiting the Alamosa shelter. But my husband persisted and we went.

The first memory I have of Bax is him sitting in his kennel, little nub-tail wagging just as hard and fast as it could, and his big, brown eyes looking up at me as if to say, “HI! I love you!” That was all it took.

My first memory of Dalinar is a puppy trying to break in to the shelter from his outdoor kennel. (For fellow Brandon Sanderson fans, my Dalinar truly embodies the Blackthorn…only not quite as bloodthirsty.)

Needless to say, we took them both. Now they lounge around our house begging for food consistently or just sleeping on the couch.

My boys. Gotta love ’em.


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