Random Writings

Good Days – Valentines or otherwise

I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day, in large part because of my own bitterness. I spent most of my life believing that I would never fall in love.  That no one would ever love me. And that gave me the justification to believe that Valentine’s Day is a waste of time. I still don’t think I was too far off, but perhaps for different reasons.

My husband and I spent the night watching the new Cloverfield installation on Netflix. We had a couple of boxes of chocolate that we shared, and we spent the night on the couch with our crazy dogs. It was good.

I remember, when I was at Safeway buying my prescriptions (and then decided to buy some chocolate because it was BOGO), seeing a man whose hands were full of flowers, chocolate, and stuffed animals reaching for yet another valentines-related item near the checkout, and thing, “Well, that’s excessive.”

That’s my feeling on Valentine’s Day. I tell my husband every day, “I love you, be safe,” and it is my dearest hope that I treat him the way that we are supposed to treat our loved ones on Valentine’s Day every day. After all, I love him. And that’s a big deal for someone like me.

But even if I was not with someone, even if I was alone, I know that’s ok. It’s ok. Life goes on. We all find ways to be happy, and the first person we gotta be happy with is ourselves.

So I hope you all had a good day. And many good days to come!


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