Random Writings

Silly Life – hobbies are for humans!

Between obsessing over the new Monster Hunter World for the PS4 and the sixth Harry Potter novel, I find myself moving further away from the computer. I’m struggling to find my place right now, and having these distractions has always helped me cope.

It’s crazy, though, to feel as if you never have enough time even for your hobbies. By the time I get home, all I want is to sit and switch off my brain (which is impossible, of course). Lately, I also reach for the booze and use that to numb the darker thoughts (failure, hopelessness, apathy), but it’s a temporary solution, and my tolerance is too high these days, anyway.

I take solace in the little things: the little, silly hobbies that waste time, but give me a sense of release. Perhaps I need to find more productive hobbies, but even thinking like that makes the stress bubble up, ready to burst into a geyser of anxiety.

What do you do to unwind? What are your little hobbies? I’m curious.


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