Random Writings

Another Cold Day – winter in spring

Another 3 to 6 inches of beautiful snow, and yet I’m upset that I don’t get to enjoy snow days anymore. Not that the snow is good crafting quality, mind you, but I’d still like the chance to feel that childlike wonder once more.

One interesting thing about Colorado is the fact that our seasons are lazy (which may explain why I like the state so much). It is now a week from March, and we are just getting our first bouts of actual snow. Spring is sitting around the corner, realizing that it’s holiday is over, and pushing the big snooze button of nature. Winter, meanwhile, was supposed to be doing its job the last few months, and yet has waited until now to clock in and start the work week.

It’s currently 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s not supposed to warm up above 30 until Thursday (at which point, so the weather magicians say, we will be visited by snow once again). And still I’ll have to jump in my SUV and drive to work, grumbling about how I don’t get snow days anymore.

Such is life on this cold morning.

Stay warm out there!


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