Sickness – no, but really


That’s about all my mind can really muster most hours of the day as this flu ravages my body. Monosyllabic and boring. It goes along nicely with the occasional, gasping breaths my lungs feel they need to suddenly take. Like a kind of higher-pitched syllable with just a bit of feeling thrown in. That feeling being: “Holy crap, I can’t breathe.”

I’ve tried to come in and sit at the computer, staring at my story-in-progress, thinking to myself: “Well, at least I have time!” But even know, as I try to write out this little post, I can feel the ache beginning in my temples and the fatigue fogging over the higher thought processes of my brain.


I suppose I should be happy I’m alive and not in a puddle on the floor. Or that I’m not in as much pain or discomfort as others suffering from this affliction. You can tell my mind that, try and pound it in, but it’s still gonna reply the same. It’s hard to feel optimistic when feeling itself is painful, or at least uncomfortable.

Stay healthy out there. And if you start feeling that weird wrong sensation, go get your hands on that Tamiflu.


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