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Miriam Black – kicking ass and taking names

Ok, so I've been devouring this series over the last few weeks, and I figured it was time to say something about it. Chuck Wendig has authored a series of books (that starts with Blackbirds) that focus on the "life and times" of unrepentant drifter Miriam Black who has the uncanny (and unwanted) ability to see… Continue reading Miriam Black – kicking ass and taking names

Random Writings


Her lungs burn with each raggedly drawn breath, screaming for release, but she can't stop now. Can't slow down. Can't look back. Only she does look back--only briefly, but long enough to see the shadow of her pursuer as it gains on her, inch by inch. Her head snaps back around and she will her… Continue reading pursuit

Random Writings


What makes the trees whisper in the wind? What do they say? Come home, come home, come home... What home? I have gone too far to know what that word means. I have seen many homes, loving and broken, small and expansive. I have watched as they were built, watched as they burned to the… Continue reading home

Writing Babble


Well, I've finished the ChapterBuzz 10K Writing Challenge for March. I'm nowhere near done writing my novel, but it feels good to have accomplished something, no matter how small. I've got five chapters done, and the sixth is close to joining them. I'm not sure how many the story will end up having, but it should be… Continue reading Success!

Writing Babble

The Elusive Balance

So on the one hand, I've got articles I'm asked to write for different businesses involving seriously disparate topics. On the other hand, I have a novel that is sitting on my hard drive gathering digital dust. I know this is not a new problem generally, but it is a new problem for me. The balance truly… Continue reading The Elusive Balance