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Miriam Black – kicking ass and taking names

Ok, so I’ve been devouring this series over the last few weeks, and I figured it was time to say something about it.

Chuck Wendig has authored a series of books (that starts with Blackbirds) that focus on the “life and times” of unrepentant drifter Miriam Black who has the uncanny (and unwanted) ability to see how people will die via skin-to-skin contact. As the story unfolds, the inner struggle of this young woman who can never really have any close human relationships (and part of that has nothing to do with her psychic ability) is fleshed out and the reader feels drawn to Miriam as a kindred spirit.

Fluffy stuff aside, Miriam is bad-ass, no-nonsense, and all around FUBAR when it comes to dealing with anything in her life. She tries to save people, but can’t seem to outsmart death or fate or whatever the hell it is that is standing in her way. People think she’s crazy, and they’re right: she is bat-shit. Miriam is the hero no one wants or needs, but that doesn’t stop her for a second.

I don’t normally read modern fiction of any kind. My interests are more in the fantasy realm, for sure. But something about this series–particularly Wendig’s ability to make his characters both real and impossible at the same time–has drawn me in, and I’m here for the long haul.

Great books, great writing, great everything. But if you are not into foul language and sometimes crude, explicit humor, then it’s best you steer away from this one. For everyone else, give it a shot. Maybe Miriam will be able to tell you how you die.


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