Writing Babble

Freelancing – fun, but odd?

I was working yesterday on drafting up a few different articles, and it struck me as funny the sheer diversity of work with which I find myself involved. I feel as if I have written enough about certain topics that I could pass for a layman expert, and yet there is always something new for me to experience and learn.

For instance, I have now written and researched enough about natural sexual enhancement that I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what’s effective and what’s just plain bullshit (and let me tell you, the bullshit is pretty scary…people really need to watch what they put in their bodies! ….hmm, phrasing…)

My favorite pieces are still those that allow me to put an historical spin on things, which I have been lucky enough to have done in abundance thus far. And really, most articles require some degree of historical background to give the topic a sense of solid foundation. So I guess my degree was worth it after all! Ah-HA!

Anyway, it’s a load of fun. Sometimes tedious, sometimes odd, but fun all the same.

All right. Back to work.


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