Random Writings

Eternity – the lesson of learning

You know that cliche, “You never stop learning”? Well, I like to think, sometimes, that cliches exist for a reason: because they’re eerily accurate, and usually true.

One of the beautiful aspects of writing is the amount of detail that goes into every piece: detail that has been carefully and lovingly organized so that it flows into a singular, fluid creation.

What the reader does not see is the bigger, more chaotic aberration that stands behind the piece: the research, the notes, the scraps of notes, the scraps of scraps of notes. Ideas that have been drafted, redrafted, crumpled up, thrown away, then grudgingly picked back out of the trash and smoothed out once more (rinse and repeat on that one).

This is the learning process in its raw, bestial form. It is not clean, it is not friendly. But it will last you a lifetime. Perhaps longer.

So it is that I know I will never stop learning so long as I have the ability to continue searching through the aether to feed my ideas. No matter what the lesson, I know I will devour it whole; crumbs and scraps will always get left behind, but perhaps some day I will return to finish my meal.

And I gotta tell ya, I’m pretty friggin hungry right now.


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