Author Bio

When it comes to writing, writing about oneself is often the hardest. It is for me, at least. After all, can you really know someone from the content of a small bio?

Well, whatever. Let’s do this!

Wedding Pics (8)_previewMy name is Melanie, and I was born in a military hospital in Augsburg, Germany, to parents Bob and Michele. I love telling people where I was born, because they inevitably go “Woah! You’re German?!” (Especially since I spent quite a bit of my formative years in a small town where nearly everyone was born in a 50-mile radius.) Usually, I smile and say “Yes!”, though, really, I’m as much German as any other mixed heritage, descendant-of-immigrants individual of the United States.

Anyway, on to more important stuff. My formal “career” as a writer began with college, but really I started writing at the age of eight and did not stop until I started college. What I mean to say is that once I was in the “big leagues” of academia, I found myself spending less time writing stories and poems and more time focusing on assignments and, eventually, theses. The sheer amount of reading and writing that I was expected to do on a weekly basis began to catch up with me, and I moved further and further away from pursuing reading and writing as a personal, fun endeavor. At the end of it all, I managed to claw my way out with a BA and an MA in History, and I can’t help but wonder some days if it was all worth it. Not that college isn’t worth the time; merely…did I make the right choices?

No matter what my hesitations may be, I am still proud to hold my degrees and, even moreso, I treasure the experiences and knowledge that I gained along the way. The journey is the story, after all, and it was a pretty good one.

As for the name “Arcadia”: once upon a time in a land about 600 miles south of my current home in central Colorado, I thought up a character for a story I wanted to write. The story itself was barely formed, and yet I already knew the focus: Arcadia Jones. Eventually, I learned that “Arcadia” in Greek roughly translates to “paradise”; the original story idea involved a zombie apocalypse (of course) and finding salvation, so the coincidence worked out perfectly. Why I settled on this name (or even why I thought it up) is a mystery even to me. But I have held onto it for many years and believe that it is a good penname.

Now I stand here, my journey begun anew, pen in hand, eager to return to writing. I welcome all of you to join me on this endeavor, and I promise we’ll make it fun.

Also, I like trees.