Random Writings

The Static Dream

Lament, lament, for with the passing of time comes those matters which we were not prepared; we had not planned; we did not desire; and yet here they stand. Bubble and boil as we might, time breeds only complacency and regret; neither can feed a starving belly, yet still we feast upon the remains. What… Continue reading The Static Dream


The Award Ceremony

For the Write Now Prompt from Today's Author.  Not my favorite piece by far. But it's something!   Crickets along the base of the stage Empty seats all around Confusion, questions, that twinge of the heart Whenever was this thing to start?   Waiting unto the fall of night Still hoping beyond reason Someone might show But alas,… Continue reading The Award Ceremony

Creative Non Fiction

The Price of a Memory

Based on a writing prompt from Writing Adventures (That being said, this one hits close to home. So I felt compelled to write.)   I remember the call so clearly. It all happened so quickly, over in a blink. The phone began to ring and I already knew. I knew what I would hear. In that… Continue reading The Price of a Memory

Creative Short Fiction

A Walk in the Park

This is for the Wednesday Writing Prompt from This Writer's Life.   Every wet crunch of the leaves beneath his feet brought a sense of satisfaction to those hidden pleasure centers of his brain. After all, he was not killing the leaves; they were already dead. Long dead. Long dried and wrinkled and partially rotted with the morning dew. Besides, he was… Continue reading A Walk in the Park

Random Writings

Life, and Everything After

To say it's been a while since I've written is an insult to myself. So I won't say it; instead, I'll just write. This will serve as an update to keep myself and anyone watching on track. It's been a hectic few months, but not without plenty to be grateful for and happy about. My… Continue reading Life, and Everything After