Creative Non Fiction

A Reason to Mourn

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but Go Dog Go Cafe's Tuesday prompt seemed too on point for a big part of my "theme" this week to pass up. Why do you think we feel so bad when we lose someone? Can you truly “lose” someone? This question evokes a couple of big… Continue reading A Reason to Mourn

Creative Non Fiction

The Price of a Memory

Based on a writing prompt from Writing Adventures (That being said, this one hits close to home. So I felt compelled to write.)   I remember the call so clearly. It all happened so quickly, over in a blink. The phone began to ring and I already knew. I knew what I would hear. In that… Continue reading The Price of a Memory

Creative Short Fiction

A Walk in the Park

This is for the Wednesday Writing Prompt from This Writer's Life.   Every wet crunch of the leaves beneath his feet brought a sense of satisfaction to those hidden pleasure centers of his brain. After all, he was not killing the leaves; they were already dead. Long dead. Long dried and wrinkled and partially rotted with the morning dew. Besides, he was… Continue reading A Walk in the Park

Random Writings

A Hard Line

Glinting, glowing, trembling—the edge of the blade rests above the neck of the kneeling man.  Gasping, inarticulate sobs splutter from the man’s plump lips; hands scrabble at the stone floor feebly, searching for some way out, perhaps, or merely an echo of the madness that had plagued them all for far too long. He is… Continue reading A Hard Line