Creative Short Fiction

Purpose in Pain

There was a pounding in his skull. Throbbing. Insistent. It made it difficult to hear what was going on around him, let alone think about his position. Worse yet, the pounding did not limit itself to the confines of his aching head; instead, it seemed to move throughout his body, manifesting in different ways—stabbing, aching,… Continue reading Purpose in Pain

Random Writings


What makes the trees whisper in the wind? What do they say? Come home, come home, come home... What home? I have gone too far to know what that word means. I have seen many homes, loving and broken, small and expansive. I have watched as they were built, watched as they burned to the… Continue reading home

Writing Babble


Well, I've finished the ChapterBuzz 10K Writing Challenge for March. I'm nowhere near done writing my novel, but it feels good to have accomplished something, no matter how small. I've got five chapters done, and the sixth is close to joining them. I'm not sure how many the story will end up having, but it should be… Continue reading Success!

Book Reviews

Behind the Times, but still relevant

I remember when the Harry Potter series first came out; I was in the third grade, almost eight years old (I was always the youngest in my class), and my teacher at the time used the first book during one of her "story time" sessions. I remember listening to her reading it and being wrapped up in… Continue reading Behind the Times, but still relevant

Writing Babble

A New Opportunity? (I certainly hope so)

Without going into too much detail, I've found myself at an interesting, if somewhat frightening, point in my life. For the first time, I am not encumbered by stressful situations in work that is not personally fulfilling. Not that it was always bad; just...not what I really wanted. There's a big path in front of… Continue reading A New Opportunity? (I certainly hope so)