Creative Short Fiction

The Wind Cries “Home”

(Featured image courtesy of Steinar England, found on Unsplash; also featured on the prompt's origin blog.) This is for the November 12th  writing prompt shared by Writing Adventures Writing more "modern" tales is something I'm not used to, and yet it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the prompt. So here goes...  … Continue reading The Wind Cries “Home”

Creative Short Fiction

A Walk in the Park

This is for the Wednesday Writing Prompt from This Writer's Life.   Every wet crunch of the leaves beneath his feet brought a sense of satisfaction to those hidden pleasure centers of his brain. After all, he was not killing the leaves; they were already dead. Long dead. Long dried and wrinkled and partially rotted with the morning dew. Besides, he was… Continue reading A Walk in the Park

Random Writings

A Hard Line

Glinting, glowing, trembling—the edge of the blade rests above the neck of the kneeling man.  Gasping, inarticulate sobs splutter from the man’s plump lips; hands scrabble at the stone floor feebly, searching for some way out, perhaps, or merely an echo of the madness that had plagued them all for far too long. He is… Continue reading A Hard Line

Random Writings


What makes the trees whisper in the wind? What do they say? Come home, come home, come home... What home? I have gone too far to know what that word means. I have seen many homes, loving and broken, small and expansive. I have watched as they were built, watched as they burned to the… Continue reading home

Dystopia Snippets

The Meeting Place

Rhatak waited until she could hear the smooth, even breathing that meant Rhani had managed to fall asleep before she silently stood and exited the room into the atrium. From there, she set out into the street—pausing at the entrance of their shared home to make sure none of the festival-goers were paying her too… Continue reading The Meeting Place